Morning People

This is what I imagine morning people do every day. It feels accurate to me.

I love the idea of morning people. And, I think that I would be a wonderful morning person. Waking up early, seizing the day, doing yoga (yoga is probably better for you when done before 6 a.m., right?), and achieving all those mysterious things that morning people achieve before the sun comes up – it all sounds fabulous. Sign me up! Not to mention, morning people seem to have their life under control. It’s like those wee morning hours provide some sort of magical clarity the rest of us humble folk can’t even comprehend.


There is just one problem. It’s minor really, hardly even an issue. But … I don’t function in the morning. You might think this is an exaggeration, but I’m here to tell you it’s not. My brain usually doesn’t wake up until halfway through my shower, when I suddenly realize I’m singing Taylor Swift out loud. At that moment, I also realize I’ve put face wash in my hair AGAIN and have to re-shampoo. I go through a lot of face wash.  But before this moment of awakening? I am basically a robot.

Hello, my name is Kerri and I’m horribly Groggy in the Morning.

Meet Kerri

This is me, not groggy. But it’s solidly afternoon in this pic, so that’s why. I’ll try to find a groggy photo for you, but honestly, people with cameras tend to stay out of my way that early in the morning.

You can see how this might prevent me from jumping out of bed at the first alarm, skipping into my exercise clothes and doing a meaningful 30 minute yoga meditation. If I’m going to be honest with you, even something as unambitious as sliding out of bed and getting out of the house on time is a bit beyond me. I’m more of a three-snooze, robotic-shower, coffee-drinking kind of morning girl. There is also a significant chunk of time where I stare blankly at my closest and try to remember what clothes are for.

However, while I might not be able to achieve this grand status of Morning Person (cue the fanfare) due to some faulty wiring in my brain (I can only assume that’s where the problem is), there are some things I am good at. One of them is the written word. Or at least, I enjoy writing. Something about putting all my oh-so-important (read: rambling) thoughts on paper in a blog and forcing a captive audience to ooh and ahh over my brilliance with the English language really just sounds fun, doesn’t it? No? Just me, then?


Coffee, it’s the most important meal of the day.

But that’s it. That’s why I started this little corner of the Internet. After reading a few other blogs written by ladies I’ve been admiring from afar, like Avoiding Atrophy and Just The Elevator Pitch, I was inspired to find to find out if I have anything interesting to add to the world. Groggy In The Morning will be a cozy little place, where I can figure out what I’m supposed to be doing with this thing called life, or at the very least, entertain a few people once in a while. I can promise a few laughs, some deliciously awkward, real-life anecdotes, and honesty. I can also promise nothing will ever be posted before 9 a.m., and definitely not before my first cup of coffee.

Anyone else suffer from a lack of motor skills first thing in the morning?